La Roche Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System

After using this for two weeks, I am so pleased to say that this has helped normalise the oil production of my skin. I was heading towards combination to oily, something was going a bit wonky, and so when this kit came in the post I was overjoyed. I had read about them on a couple of my favourite blogs (Click to read their posts: Caroline Hirons & Ruth from amodelrecommends) and that had peaked my interest as I had not come across the toner in boots before.

The cleanser I noticed is labelled as PH5.5, and I knew that would help balance my skin which has been breaking out a little lately. The cleanser, although labelled as foaming gel cleanser, does not produce as many suds as a regular foaming cleanser and doesn’t dry out my skin at all. I use this after my first makeup removal cleanse and followed up with the next two steps in the kit.

The toner has to be shaken before use, and is a very thin refreshing texture. Again, this doesn’t dry out my skin at all. I am pretty sure this alone has been helping with the breakout areas, as my skin is better prepped and ready to utilise the ingredients of my serum (healgel is the b*mb.com, reveiw coming soon). The improvement of my skintone is amazing. I feel as though this step has been helping the following steps in my routine lots. The only problems lies in the next paragraph.

The 3rd step is the one I skip now. I found after a few days my skin broke out with whiteheads, not something I often get at all. So, ignoring the non-comedogenic claims I went ahead and removed the last new product added to my skincare, the Effaclar duo, and the white heads stopped appearing – yay! This rule is something I tell anyone who mentions skin issues to me, work your way back to when you were happy or start picking the lasts steps added out one by one.

So the upside is the cleanser is available to purchase as a stand alone, but the toner, at present, is exclusive to this set – BOO! Nevermind. I will most likely just slot good ol’ Pixi Glow tonic in instead.

P.s. Loving the daily skincare routine posts on instagram by Caroline Hirons, here’s a link ! Sharing is caring 😉

This post contains a sample provided by Boots, and is available here, priced at £32.50.


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